Welcome to our little crystal dreamland , we keep delivering quality crystal to our customers with beautiful reiki energy and positive vibes ,we are inviting you to enjoy your Self love journey  with us , with crystals , with moon magic .

LITTLE STORY OF NEWMOONCRYSTAL FAMILY.Our Mission to inspire more and more people to start their self-love journey, attracting positive energy, believe in universe miracles with crystal's beautifulness and energies .

We believe Love is the most valuable thing in the universe, Self love is the most powerful healing practice.

Our Vision is everyone can enjoy universe magic power, starting from one moment, feeling from one crystal, bonding from one community. Every new moon is a new beginning of our Self Love journey. 

Where did we start?
Our little "NEWMOON" started with my daughter Sophia's "crystal harmony world" little dream in "MY LITTLE PONY", during 1st lockdown, we found how Important is our self love and self care practice for everyone, how amazing crystals connected the world as a community to support each other to go through the hard time .This is where we began.

Who is Amanda?
I, Amanda, am very lucky to be the 3rd generation in my family's crystal business, it's just like the fate of me, crystals just in my blood. The first crystal I can really remember was back to my 6 years old. With all my passion of crystals and colourful gem world, I qualified as a GIA gemologist in LONDON by 10 years ago and certified as Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Master for 2 years.

Where are the crystals come from?
My mum is helping us sourcing crystals mainly from China, Brazil, and Pakistan, all the suppliers are mean a lot to our family, we are known on a very personal level, connecting and bonding, of course, trust.Due to the global pandemic situation, I could not travel around the world to hand-select every single crystal by myself, only can depend on my mum and friends to help me around the world, I have to say, I couldn't even start anything without their help. 

Why choose Newmooncrystal?
As a Gemologist & Reiki master, I understand the quality of crystals is as important as the energy of the crystals. All crystals arrived at me, I will take a certain time to cleanse them, and REIKI charging them, some crystals taking longer than others to settle down the energy, so they will stay with me long before I put them on sale. I treat every crystal as my personal collection level, they are all unique and beautiful. By the time Sending them to their forever new home, I wish also to send with my professional healing energy and positive vibes. It is very important to me to deliver high-quality crystals with beautiful energy to my customers, but most importantly, I appreciate every single of us connecting and bonding in this crystal community. PLEASE enjoy every moment happening in this journey, I do enjoy this so much.

Thank you for choosing us in your self-love journey!

Love and Light 
Amanda & Sophia xx

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